Company Background

Ai VENDING was incorporated in Malaysia in 2019

Headquartered in Penang, our teams of professionals are dedicated to develop innovative industry specific business solutions for Enterprises to optimize their business process. Ai VENDING global network of offices and R&D facilities spans nationally, from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. Our offices are strategically located in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Whenever you require our business tools, wherever you are, our valued proposition remains the same- equipping you with the right solutions to sharpen your competitive edge and extending your geographic reach.

The company’s core business is to provide Vending Machine Solutions and Vending Information Services to its customers that come from small medium business to a large enterprise organization. Our consultants have more than 10 years of experience in Machine Automation and Information Technology areas. They are trained in designing a state-of-the-art solution for vending machine and vending information management system.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized as the leader in Vending Solutions Provider with a dedicated and experienced workforce in Asia Pacific

We develop business tools based on a total Enterprise approach. This panoramic perspective of business enables us to give you a total business solution – from sales and marketing, order fulfillment, manufacturing, inventory management right up to financial settlement.

Supported by a global infrastructure, we aspire to have the BEST distribution network and resources in Asia focusing on the total Enterprise commerce cycle. Whether the Enterprise’s challenges are collaboration, information management, or workflow automation, we will help to transform the challenges into profitable business propositions.

We build lasting relationships

The AI Vending’s Advantages

We have an in-depth understanding of the market and its demands. We are an initiator. We believe in giving our clients the latest and most sophisticated business technology that embrace today’s business challenges, and so ensure you remain ahead of your competition. Our inventory of industry specific solutions gives you the depth to select from solutions that is tailored to your industry and requirements. Whether you are seeking electronic banking or middleware solutions, a hotel in search of flexible procurement solution or a wholesaler looking to manage your distribution network, Ai VENDING has the profile to meet the complexities and challenges of your business.

At Ai VENDING, providing unsurpassed service quality to our clients is our primary focus. Our assurance to our clients is our commitment – to the highest caliber and dedicated professionals. As a people-focused organization, we believe in employee empowerment to ensure we meet your business needs, the market’s demands and speed in delivering your solutions. With an established reputation as a leading business solutions provider, our Research and Development teams are constantly developing and improving our intentions. This is to ensure we bring to our clients the most advanced technology with the highest quality.

How We Can Help You

Your Business Benefit

Market Knowledge
understand the market challenges

Our experience in deploying successful business solutions gives us an understanding of various industries and local markets. This knowledge gives us an edge in understanding the unique needs of business segments. Our sales professionals are equipped with industry domain expertise, to thoroughly understand your business and the market challenges you face.

Business Efficiency
through Instantaneous Delivery

You can now extend your business beyond geographic boundaries and capture the best business opportunities available. Regardless of time or distance, your business never concludes. Together with Ai VENDING’S solutions, seamlessly integrated to your back-office, you can achieve greater efficiency. For instance, for finance department you can simplify financial transaction requirements. Or simply have non-financial documents integrated from your back-end system.

Business Optimizationwith Information Management

The digital era empowers you with total transparency of your business information – an essential in today’s fast moving business environment. Achieve business efficiency through synchronized management of information throughout your value chain between your organizations, or with trading partners and customers. From procurement, operations, logistics, to customer service, experience the power and speed of the digital economy and accelerate your business with time-to-market products and services.

Business Success
through Automation

Business collaboration is a key to success in the digital era. Together with our solution, you can achieve your competitive advantage in the market through automation. Our CRM tool allows you to mutually share information between departments, or achieve cross-departmental efficiency. Analytics tool can reduce inconsistencies, have a deeper understanding of your customer, and achieve internal operational efficiency. With the availability of an extensive information knowledge base, proactively plan your business strategies or generate accurate sales revenue forecast for strategic planning.

Solution Innovation
Business Results

There is no doubt. You know your business and how to run it best. But to run it to its fullest potential, you need to complement it with the right tools. At Ai VENDING, we are dedicated to provide you not just the best tools, but the right tools to meet your specific business issues. Running the Enterprise is your business, providing tools are our business.

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