Real-Time Data

Ai Cloud uses live machine data to give you a detailed look into your machine operation. With the real-time data, you can utilize Ai Cloud to make precise and informed decisions about your operation that positively influence your bottom line.

Power your machine with Ai IoT module to get the most accurate machine data available. A reliable 4G connection, and best-in-class support work together to give you uninterrupted access to your machines at all times.

Organized Route

Eliminate unnecessary stops, accurately pinpoint to the needed service machines. A comprehensive report to help you to plan your routes based on factors that are important to you like bank notes collection, inventory levels, and more. Ai cloud will help you plan routes that make sense for your operation. With a proper planned routing, you can save time and money by servicing your machines more efficiently.

Precise Pre-kitting

Save valuable time when loading your machines. Ai cloud will tell you exactly what you need to bring to your machines ahead of time. Load up your truck with the correct quantity and type of product for each machine on your route needs. Save up to 30 minutes per machine serviced, and eliminate product returning on your truck.

Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory operation.

Reduce Cost

Cut costly spoilage costs by ordering the correct product inventory based on sales history across your entire operation.


The Ai cloud will monitor your inventory more closely by tracking every product as it moves from warehouse to truck to machine.


Run a more organized warehouse by setting areas and zones for different products like coffee beans, creamer and water.

Merchandising & Optimization

Increase machine sales by optimizing your planograms. View product recommendations for each slot in each machine to stock products you know sell well. Replace slow movers with high-demand products and watch your machine sales soar. Effective product merchandising can increase machine sales up to 15% and decrease product spoilage up to 30%.

Tech Tickets

Keep your machines up and running. Receive alerts on machine issues like bill jams, open doors, and more.

Create a service ticket in the Ai cloud and send to your technician to solve machine problems quickly and efficiently.

Track machine issues over time to see trends on problematic equipment.

Increase machine uptime, boost customer satisfaction, and grow account revenue.

In-depth reports

Run detailed analytics to get a better understanding of your operation. Generate different reports inside the vending software like machine stock-outs, product sales, top 10 products, and others. Find the exact data you are looking for and make informed decisions to run a more successful operation.

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